Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CrossFit Women

CrossFit Women

I did not write this. Found it in a magazine and wanted to share.

I am a CrossFit Woman
I do not wear makeup
I do not wear gloves
I do not do my hair
I do not ‘glisten’ or ‘glow’I am a CrossFit Woman
I sweat
I grunt
I curse
I bleedI am a CrossFit Woman
I will not shy away from failure
I will not hide me emotions
I will not quit
I will not hold backI am a CrossFit WomanI am a coach
I am a competitor
I am a daughter
I am a friendI am a CrossFit Woman
I am confident
I am strong
I am beautiful
I am a CrossFit WomanI think it’s time we start changing this pretty little box that society has put it’s little girls in.  You should wear dress adorned in lace, be quite and polite, play with dolls and learn to cook.  Ok… this is an extreme exageration, but there is some truth.Soceity has this stigma that CrossFit women are breaking.  You can be strong, confident and sure of yourself and not be a bitch.  That’s right, I used the ‘B’ word.  CrossFit women are kind, compationate, empithtic and on and on and on…..because let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  We’ve all wanted to quit a wod half way through, drop the weight or take one more break, but we don’t.  Why?Because we are CrossFit Women!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

For Pete's Sake, Are You Kidding Me?

For Pete's Sake, Are You Kidding Me?

I am beyond sick and tired of hearing this from females, "I lift light weights for higher reps to tone", or "Will squats make my butt big?" or "I don't want to lift heavy and get big muscles".

For Pete's sake, Are you kidding me?

Please understand this, lifting heavy weights does not guarantee bigger muscles, nor does high reps guarantee becoming cut. Oh, How I wish it did! Muscle tone has more to do with diet and genetics. Females, or even males (drug free) need to seriously work their butt off for years to grow just a little bit of muscle.

I've read lots of studies that claim the more muscle you have, the longer you can live. This is more important than even blood pressure and cholesterol. So lift as heavy as you can, because it's going to take years to gain some muscle... AND GET STARTED TODAY!

Women between the ages of 40 & 50 will lose 1% of muscle mass each year, and tend to replace that with fat. If you are a female in that age bracket or any age bracket,  I wouldn't wait any longer to start pumping iron. Work as hard as you can to grow those muscles!!!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let's WOD it up!

Let's WOD it up!

Getting healthy is the hardest choice for people to make...especially for women. Now, more than ever our lives are pulled in many, stress, family, friends and work all take up most of our time. Exercise still seems to be a mans world, unless you are talking about yoga or an aerobics class. Walk into any gym and it is mostly men in the free weight area. Before I found this new craze called "CROSS FIT" I would go to the gym, get a 30 minute run in and then head to the weight room for about 45 minutes. Most of the time dreading getting to the gym, dreading the run, dreading the weights, but two hours later glad I did it. Who has that kind of time to work out? Even as a personal trainer I found it hard to find the time, but did because it's my job.

In "CROSS FIT" we do a new workout everyday. This keeps the body from hitting a plateau, but also keeps it fun. Keeping up with a workout routine is hard enough, keeping it enjoyable is the key. This is a huge reason why "Cross Fit" is so popular with women.

EXPECTATIONS: Yes, you will move weight quickly. It is part of being able to carry groceries, pick up kids, and preform the everyday functions of life. There is no whining...ok, well maybe a little. The trainers want you to curse their names. They don't care if it hurts as long as you have good form and are not injuring yourself.  No gloves allowed. In real life you do not put on gloves before lifting a box or your kids. Leave the pink gloves at home! You get dirty, sweaty, and messy hair. You will get leaner, faster and stronger but it is a progress. Try it for 90 days before deciding if it's for you. One WOD (Workout Of the Day) is not enough to decide if you like it. You will not have to spend hours in the gym anymore to get results!!

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