Friday, October 19, 2012

CrossFit Women

CrossFit Women

I did not write this. Found it in a magazine and wanted to share.

I am a CrossFit Woman
I do not wear makeup
I do not wear gloves
I do not do my hair
I do not ‘glisten’ or ‘glow’I am a CrossFit Woman
I sweat
I grunt
I curse
I bleedI am a CrossFit Woman
I will not shy away from failure
I will not hide me emotions
I will not quit
I will not hold backI am a CrossFit WomanI am a coach
I am a competitor
I am a daughter
I am a friendI am a CrossFit Woman
I am confident
I am strong
I am beautiful
I am a CrossFit WomanI think it’s time we start changing this pretty little box that society has put it’s little girls in.  You should wear dress adorned in lace, be quite and polite, play with dolls and learn to cook.  Ok… this is an extreme exageration, but there is some truth.Soceity has this stigma that CrossFit women are breaking.  You can be strong, confident and sure of yourself and not be a bitch.  That’s right, I used the ‘B’ word.  CrossFit women are kind, compationate, empithtic and on and on and on…..because let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  We’ve all wanted to quit a wod half way through, drop the weight or take one more break, but we don’t.  Why?Because we are CrossFit Women!
Come try a class and bring your husband or boyfriend with you!

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