Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals?

Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals?

Ever notice how easy it is to get off track? And, how easy it is to stay off track? Miss a workout here some extra desserts there and before you know it you are in a downward spiral. Spirals can go both ways. Once you get back on the track of working out again, it’s easier to curb your desire for those unhealthy desserts. Sure you will still indulge, but maybe a little less. You need a solid two weeks of exercising to get back in the groove again, and make it a habit.

I have heard people say I’ve worked out for an hour today so I can eat this. In fact, I think I have actually said this myself. Don’t use exercise as an excuse! An hours worth of training only cancels out about 2 protein bars, or three cookies, or two glasses of wine. All that hard work wasted for one night of indulging. Many of my clients come to me and say “I have not changed my way of eating, but started working out so I should lose, right?”  You couldn’t be more Wrong...if that where true I would be the size I want to be. That’s why there are two components to losing weight, DIET and EXERCISE!

Here is a good idea I found on Pinterest!

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