Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Total Resistance eXercise.

Total Resistance eXercise.

As a personal trainer we have to take CEC (Continuing Education Courses) yearly to keep our certifications current. The fitness industry changes frequently, so trying to keep up with it is a full time job in itself. So on Sunday I went to Beachwood to get some CEC credits and took an 8 hour class on TRX Training. I have a TRX in my basement but never have had training on it so I thought this would be a great course, and it was! What the heck is TRX, you ask. TRX stand for Total Resistance eXercise. It’s basically a couple of adjustable straps that you anchor onto something solid like a tree or a beam, or if you get the door anchor accessory you can use in your house. Like so:

You use this pair of straps so gravity and your body weight work together to provide resistance when you exercise. You can change the angle you are at to make it easy, hard, or totally freakin impossible. This is just not for sissies, tough-ass military men use the TRX too!

These TRX people have figured out how to work out your entire body using these two straps. Check out some of the videos here video demonstrations 

After the class on Sunday, I am sold, that this is an awesome workout. I was especially sold when I woke up the next morning and could barely move my arms over my head! 

 Awesome facts about the TRX:

1. It’s light weight and portable. You can pretty much do this exercise anywhere, even outside! The small size and convenience of this system makes it a great choice for home exercisers.

2. You can train your entire body with these straps.

3. It recruits many muscles at the same time so you get more functional fitness. As the instructor explained to us, if you are going to put a roof on your house and 10 guys offer to help...you would not say no thanks I only need 2 of you. So why when doing a chest press would you only use your chest. Engage all your muscles, tighten your glutes, you abs, and your triceps and it really makes a big difference.

CAUTION: this product may improve your physique so that random strangers or personal trainers try to grab your ass. LOL!

This is me at the training class!

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